About Stella Care

Stella Care solves a problem in society by utilizing and building on existing technology
so it can be used for other purposes than what was originally intended.

Stella Care stands out from its competitors by:

  • Having a GPS system for people with dementia that is developed with the help of the users, making it very user-friendly. It is controlled from a smartphone app.
  • Having our app alerting the user automatically if something is the matter. For example, if a GPS tracker is switched off or the battery is low. And of course, the app issues an alarm when the person with dementia leaves the area.
  • Offering small GPS trackers that will not affect the dignity of the wearer. The GPS trackers come in different forms, e.g. as a wristwatch or a small box.
  • A constant improvement and development of our system. Due to the fact that we have developed the system ourselves, we also have the opportunity to make improvements that our competitors are unable to make.

We support the Alzheimer’s Association

At Stella Care, we think that the work of the Danish Alzheimer’s Association is commendable. Therefore, we support the Association in providing better conditions for people with dementia and their relatives.

Alzheimer foreningen

Member of Danish Care

Danish Care

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